Meet Niccole: She is more than just a secretary

Who is the woman behind the operation of the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel? Meet Niccole. This past August, made it seven years working with us. After working and orchestrating so many beautiful weddings, you would be amazed to find out that she had no prior experience before coming to work with the lovely Reverend Richard Martin. Before, she was a manicurist for 10 years, a nanny for one and a half years and ran a family’s ladies’ boutique for two years.

So who is Niccole? Niccole grew up in Michigan, where she loved playing in the snow, building forts and went skiing with her friends. And for some summertime fun, you could either catch her in the family pool or on a boat in the many lakes Michigan had to offer. While in Michigan, she obtained her cosmetology license. She went further with her licensing when she moved to New Jersey. There she got her manicuring license. While in New Jersey, Niccole had the pleasure of planning her wedding. She enjoyed every single moment of planning her big wedding.

After having her son, Niccole and her husband decided to move to South Carolina. It was time to be closer to family. There she had her beautiful daughter. For a while, she became a stay at home mom. When her daughter went to preschool, she wanted a change. Niccole and her parents opened a ladies clothing boutique in North Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, after two years they had to close it. Niccole was and is a strong woman. While dealing with closing the boutique, she was also dealing with a divorce. This is when she met Reverend Martin and started working for the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel. Her relationship grew and Reverend Martin became a dear friend.

Going through a divorce did not change Niccole’s mind about love and marriage. She loves helping out brides. Since she was able to plan her own big wedding, and it was out of state, she knew she could handle the stress of planning a wedding. She loves to take the stress away from the brides and help them enjoy every moment of it. Her goal with every bride is to take their nerves away like a best friend would and sooth any anxiety they may have about their special day. This is one of the reasons why Niccole is so dear to us and anyone she comes across. Niccole believes it is important to push yourself and set goals. We know she sets a great example for kids. We love Niccole and appreciate everything she have done for the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel!

Written By: Janice Moody