Fall in Love

One blink and September were gone before you know it. September came and left us like it was nothing. We are excited to see what this month have in store for the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel. Ahh October, you are the doorway to the season that is going to awaken our fall soul. It seems as if we are finally getting fall weather. It is time to start shopping for long sleeve shirts & sweaters, cardigans, boots and hoodies.

Congratulations to a few lovely couples who ended September with us: Mr. Jerome & Mrs. Emperatriz Hans, Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Shirley Cerkez, Mr. Tysean & Mrs. Brandi Gittens, Mr. Philip & Mrs. Ellen Gunter, Mr. Dylan & Mrs. Kelsey Neuner and Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Stephanie Morrow. We hope you enjoyed your special day as much as we loved organizing and celebrating with you all. You all future is full of promise and it is only the beginning to your new life together. You all are starting on a new, exciting chapter of life together, as partners. As you guys are now husband and wife, may there be nothing but a lot of adventures that you guys say yes to. As you travel on this new journey of life, you may have a bump or two down the road. But you guys will be strong enough together to get over those stumbling bumps TOGETHER! As the years go by, your love will only get stronger and stronger. We wish you all nothing but the best.

We love the fall season and we cannot wait to have your fall inspired wedding or vow renewal. It is such a wonderful time of the year. There are so many ways to include the change of season for your special day.

We cannot wait to see how creative these weddings are going to be this fall. Fall is such a great time to have a wedding. The weather still permits for an outdoor wedding. The air is no longer hot and makes you want to sweat everywhere. The fall brings a crisp air to the outdoors. If you are using vendors or bringing your own food for the reception, cannot wait to see the fall inspired meals. If you are using different decorations than the one, we provide, let us help you bring the autumn inspiration out. We would love to help you in any way we can.

We hope that this fall will be inspiring for you just as much as we are inspired. Kicking off our October month, congratulations to Mr. Jason & Mrs. Heather Gentle and Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Kaci Gulledge. Very best wishes to these lovely couples for a lifetime of love that is forever in bloom. Seek the best for each other in all that you do. Be tender and always thoughtful, most importantly forgiving and true. Have fun, as you travel this new journey of life, bringing nothing but joy and happiness to each other as husband and wife. Best wishes as you start your new chapter in life together!

Happy Birthday to Someone Special!

Happy belated birthday to our very own, Reverend Richard Martin. We hope October 3rd brought you nothing but happiness as much as you give to everyone who knows you. “The life of a person is measured not with the years, but with the footprint that he leaves in other peoples’ lives, thoughts and hearts”. Hope you realized how many people are blessed to either have you in their lives or just simply having an encounter with them. May God bless you to see many, many more years!



Written by: Janice Moody