Bye Bye October!

The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel is like a one stop party shop when it comes to weddings. Everything you think you need for your wedding such as planning, ideas, photographer, flowers, food and much more, the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel can help you. The lovely couple Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tina Kennedy had the pleasure of using us for their food at their reception on 10/26. That is right! For their reception, we not only had the pleasure of hosting their reception, we helped with their food as well. A huge thank you to Teresa Martin, Reverend Richard Martin’s wife, for cooking food for this couple’s special day. We would love to also congratulate these lovely couples for getting married towards the end of October

  • Jessie & Mrs. Jennifer Hardin on 10/24
  • Mario & Mrs. Kelsey Fletcher on 10/25

We pray that God bless you all of life’s blessings and love’s joys.


Hello November

We pray everyone had a wonderful October. Now that we are in November, we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year. We are finally feeling the cooler weather. We are finally feeling what fall is all about. Not to mention cozy sweaters, fluffy scarves and pumpkin spice everything. Most importantly, November is the month that reminds us all to be thankful. We should be thankful for all the many blessings that are happening in our lives and less focused on what is not happening in our lives.

The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel is thankful for the beautiful couples that allow us to be apart of their special day. Thank you to these couples that let us be apart of their special day this month so far:

  • Shawn and Mrs. Indigo Ross married on 11/4.
  • John & Mrs. Gray Heath married on 11/8.
  • Ryan and Mrs. Teresa Bulbird married on 11/8.
  • Kendall and Mrs. Kara Carter married on 11/9.

Here is a prayer for your new chapter together:

“Our prayer for you is this:
That you will always remember the qualities
that attracted you to each other when you first met
and how you felt as your feelings of attraction
turned into respect, admiration and finally love.
That you will work hard to turn your feelings of love
into acts of love so that nothing and no one can divide you.
That you will always have kind and loving hearts
that are quick to ask for forgiveness when you are wrong
as well as to forgive when your partner is wrong.
That your love might grow to hear all things,
believe all things, and hope for all things, endure all things.
we pray you place your marriage in God’s hands,
and that your love increases and overflows,
beyond anything you can yet imagine.”

The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel sends you all prayers for unending happiness and love.

To have a November Wedding or not?

Wedding season is blooming during spring and summer time. Is it a smart idea to have a fall wedding, let alone a wedding in November? There are pros and cons to having a wedding in November. Let’s start off with the cons. Since daylight savings time is happens right in the beginning of the month, days are now shorter and cooler. It will be a little tricky to have an outdoor wedding late, if you want brighter photos. The weather is unpredictable, especially for a wedding in South Carolina. However, the pros outweigh the cons. Venues and vendors are cheaper during this time. Not a lot of weddings happen in November, so you won’t have to worry about competing with other weddings. If you are into the darker scheme colors, it is perfect for a November wedding. The trick to using darker scheme colors is to balance it out with lighter hues. One great color scheme is burgundy and pink with the base colors of dark fuchsia, deep purple or a nice maroon shade. Want to throw some metallic into your scheme? Try using blush, plum and gold. How about something less girly? Try navy blue and gray with a hint of cranberry. Adding greenery such as cedar, rosemary and wreaths can help any color scheme still have a fall vibe. And if you are okay with a late wedding, and you have a bomb photographer, like our Dustin, then your photos are going to come out gorgeous regardless of how late your wedding is. November is the perfect time to use candles, lanterns and lights to create a nice warm glow and a cozy setting. Do not be afraid to plan a November wedding with us!

Written by: Janice Moody