With the weather only getting warmer, that means more fun in the sun. July is officially here; the temperature just keeps rising and the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel is looking forward to more exciting weddings.

The Chapel

There’s no misleading about the intimate setting and vintage style of the chapel. When Mr. Vitor and Mrs. Yona De Araujo picked this venue, they received everything they could imagine and more! Special thanks to the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel’s wedding planning and wedding coordination for making their wedding a dream come true. Glorious weather and beautiful people attended to witness their love. Yona looked gorgeous in her white dress with intricate flower designs and lace short sleeves. She held a beautiful purple and cream bouquet. The groom was dressed nicely in his classic all black suit with a gray tie. The beautiful couples’ smiles lit up the whole room and those smiles will forever be remembered.

Back Up Plan

Sometimes the weather does not allow for there to be a wedding on the beach. That is why the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel have a chapel that you can use in case of inclement weather. Unlike other wedding facilities, the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel will not charge you an extra fee if you need to use the chapel if there is inclement weather. You read that right! If your wedding is scheduled to happen on the beach and the weather is bad, you can move your wedding to our chapel for NO extra charges. One thing that stands out with the decorations is the beautiful decorated barn doors.

Reception Hall

Once you have your touching wedding ceremony, everybody can move their way into the elegant reception hall for the after. Our reception hall can fit up to thirty-five to forty people. If you want a different style for your chairs and tables, we can happily rent them from other locations. When it comes to the wedding, the most important part is the couple. Something else that is big is the food. You can personally provide the food and we will help with the setup, or we can easily hire a caterer for you. Whichever idea works for you, works for us. Come celebrate your special day with love, dining and a memorable time.

Wedding Planning and Wedding Coordination

When you are engaged, it can be a little overwhelming. You and your significant other are engaged…now what? Here at the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel, we can help ease your anxiety. Not only do we offer your venue for your wedding and reception, we can help plan your wedding. We know there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning your dream wedding. That is why we are here to help you and be a guidance every step of the way. On your wedding day, we got you covered. We can also help coordinate your wedding to make sure your day is a dream come true. If you have an idea(s) of how you want things decorated, the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel will try one’s hardest to make your wedding dreams come true. After all, it is your day. Let us help you plan out your stress-free dream wedding. You will not be disappointed. Here at the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel, we want you to feel like we are family. We want to be a blessing to your special day.

Stay tune for changes to our wedding packages. We want to make sure we have the best packages to offer. Give us a call at (843) 626-6905, if you ever want to stop by and look at the chapel. Need that extra push into choosing us for your wedding, just check out our Facebook. Let the reviews convince you that you made a right choice with us. The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel wishes you a safe and fun 4th of July!