New Changes to the Wedding Packages

You asked, and we came through! The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel has now made our wedding packages a great deal simpler. We now have five wedding packages to choose from. The simple ceremony is far from “simple”. The simple ceremony package includes: bride and groom with guest, ceremony ordained by our Reverend Richard Martin, location of your choice within 15 miles of North Myrtle Beach, filing of marriage license, use of a silk bouquet or boutonniere, email consultations & wedding concierge service, and at the no cost, the backup plan if your beach wedding have inclement weather. With the simple ceremony with photography package, for up to 30 minutes, a professional photographer will take photos. You will be provided with up to 40 images. This includes the ceremony! Now time to take it up a notch or should we say, more graceful. The simple ceremony with elegance package includes the bride, groom and bridal party with guests, a four-post arch and instead of 40 images for up to 30 minutes, you will receive 75 images with up to an hour. The elegance and tradition package come with up to 100 images. Voted our best package, the premier beach package comes with 150 images, a custom photo album with up to 30 edited images and you have a choice between the four-post arch or the bamboo arch. With whatever package you choose, you just cannot go wrong. At The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel, we feel we give you the best value for your money.


Come Visit the Wedding Chapel and Beach

There are many personal decisions one have to make when planning a wedding. From planning your honeymoon to planning your wedding venues, the bride and groom have a great deal of details to decide. One of the important decisions you will have to make is where the wedding will take place. When you first start planning your wedding, you have a slight idea of where and how you want your wedding to be. From some, you might have tons of ideas you want your wedding to be located. Trying to narrow down that list can take some time. The Wedding Chapel is here to help with that. This is an excellent time to come visit our chapel. Take a tour, come talk to us and imagine your wedding taking place there. If you want your wedding to take place somewhere else, the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel still can find that special place and help you coordinate your day. This is the perfect time to talk with us about your special wedding plans. Even if you choose to have your wedding on the beach, we can turn your simplistic beach vision into a moment you will not forget. Call us and we can help find a great time that would be convenient for you to visit. This would be the perfect time to get a feel for the space. The lovely bride can see where her and her bridal party will get dressed at. The groom and his groomsmen can see where they will be standing until the bridal party walks in. With the chapel, you can get the feel of whether you want a formal style or simply just a causal, more laid-back style. The sooner you visit us, the easier it will be to make your decisions. If you decide to have caterers and different florists, we can help you find ones that you love. It can be difficult for couples to make these arrangements. That is why we are here to help. The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel is here to ease any difficult decisions you have to make.Let us help you vision how your wedding is going to take place from start to finish. Come visit us and see why people feel right at home!