Who does not love a great love story? Thank you Mr. Josh & Mrs. Sarah Wartenbe and Mr. Joshua & Mrs. Ruth Odoms for letting the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel help be a part of you guys love story. You allowed us to help bring your love story to life. You do not have to worry about a stiff preacher carrying out your wedding. Reverend Richard Martin will have you smiling from the beginning to the end. He will even have you laughing. Here, at the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel we like to treat you like family. We want nothing but the best for you.
Best wishes to the Odoms’ and Wartenbe’s.

Sunday Wedding
Majority of people like to keep up with the Jones’ and naturally have their wedding during the week or on a Saturday. Typically, people do not think to have their wedding on a Sunday. Congratulations are in order to Mr. Michael & Mrs. Cynthia Myers for getting married this past Sunday. There are so many benefits on having a wedding on a Sunday. Booking a venue is more accessible on Sundays. Even though having a wedding on a Sunday is not the most traditional way, you get to spend more time with the people you love. Having your wedding on a Friday or Saturday, you only get to see your out of town guests for a few hours. They come in the night before and you see them at your wedding. Versus if you have your wedding on a Sunday, you get to spend Friday and Saturday with your love ones. For people you have not seen in years, that time you get to spend together will be worth having your wedding on a Sunday. Memories to last a lifetime. When planning your special day, do not be afraid to have it on a Sunday!

For Better or Worse:
Nothing worth doing is ever easy, including loving a police officer. When you love someone in the law enforcement, life can feel like a beautiful never-ending rollercoaster. Needless to say, who understands a police officer and this rollercoaster love, better than another police officer. When two police officers fall in love, that is a powerful commitment. That is what happened with Adam and Amanda. Two police officers that fell in love and on July 12th , they said their “I do’s”. Best wishes to Mr. Adam & Mrs. Amanda Teseniar, Jr. The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel pray you enjoy your new beginning. When the Weather Is Not on Your Side Ohhh love that stands the test of time and unfortunate weather. Is there anything more encouraging than that? Mr. Mark & Mrs. April Hoover and Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Stephanie Snyder had a plan to share their love story on the sunset-gold beach at the North Myrtle Beach on 12th Ave. The Hoover’s was to say “I do” for the first time, while the Snyder’s was celebrating
thirteen wonderful years of marriage. Sad to say, the weather was not on their side. Instead of giving up hope or rescheduling their wedding, these anxious couples used our back up plan! Remember, if the weather is not full of sunshine’s, the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel have a backup plan for NO EXTRA CHARGE. We can easily move your wedding to our charming chapel, which is just a couple of miles away from the beach. Who does not love a good ending to a love story? July 13th is what you would call a great love ending for the Hoover’s and Snyder’s without a hitch as they got hitch at our wedding chapel. We are happy that we were still able to make these couples wedding dream and vow renewal come true. Keep us in mind as you plan a beach wedding in Myrtle Beach.