Newsletter for the Week of February 26th, 2018
This week we’d like to start off by thanking our newlyweds and offering our congratulations and best wishes to the following couples who pledged their eternal love for one another this past weekend:
-Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Reba Ridenhour on February 24th, 2018
-Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Mandy Stikeleather on February 24th, 2018
After the rush and thrill of your big wedding day, there’s nothing more sentimental than looking over your wedding pictures. At the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel, we take your Myrtle Beach wedding photography seriously. Our in house photographers go out of their way to capture as many candid and special moments before, during and after your ceremony on your special day. Unlike many other wedding photographers, however, we give you full digital access to all of your pictures from your special day unedited allowing you to take it to wherever you’re wanting for print. This saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and gives you the peace of mind knowing that you need to look no further when planning out your special day. No stress, just show up and enjoy yourselves and our staff will be there to snap away. Check out our packages page to view all of our photography all inclusive package options available.
Have you and your loved one considered the advantage of using a Preacher rather than an Officiant? First let us discuss the difference because surprising as it may seem, most people think that they go hand in hand! An officiant can be anyone who leads your wedding ceremony that is legally recognized to do so by the state in which your wedding takes place. This can be accomplished by going on-line to sign up for ministerial credentials with a religious group that offers them without any requirements of training, dogmatic beliefs, or religious/spiritual practice. Their only requirement is that you ask to be ordained. The benefit of having a Preacher conduct your ceremony aside from the religious aspects and connections that set them to a higher standard are the professional advantages such as experience, knowledge, reliability, teamwork, and control of the ceremony. At the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel, we take pride in having our Preacher Mr. Richard K. Martin for the leader in our ceremonies. Give us a call today or email us to schedule a one on one meeting with Mr. Martin to ease your worries about finding what suits your needs best!