We  would like to start this week by congratulating Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Angel Fuller and Mr. Justin & Mrs. Jennifer McKenzie on saying “I do”. Making a bride’s dream come true is no easy task and we are grateful that you guys chose the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel to make that happen. Do not forget, you are not alone. There is no need to stress over anything. We offer to help plan and coordinate your wedding to help turn your wedding dreams into a reality. Give us a call and let us make your dreams come true.



Vow Renewals: Chapter 50
Regardless of how you had your wedding when you first tied the knot, your vow renewal is the chance for you change it how exactly how you want it. Maybe you did not have a videographer there at your wedding, now is a time to record these new moments. Maybe you had a photographer but, the photos taken was not up to par. Now is the time to have photos of your love that you can be totally obsess with. Especially with our photographer, Dustin Glider. He can capture your renewal with photos you will absolutely love and respect. For the brides, this is the time to do something different with your gown. Take it up a notch or just keep it simple. It is easy to take it back to the day you said “I do” when you speak the words you pledged to each other. Speaking these words can bring back some great emotions and memories of where you guys were and how you felt about that exact moment of your wedding day. You can either re- read your vows or create some new ones. Marriage is about choosing to love that person over and over through the good and the bad. Vow renewals are a great reminder to keep choosing each other over and over and to remember why you chose to love each other from the start. When you have been married for a while, it is so easy to just be consumed with the small details of life, maybe even lose some type of spark. Having a vow renewal can help bring that spark back and more. It helps couples to take a step back and give the small details of your marriage a thoughtful perspective. Give each other a reminder that you still in this marriage and you guys are in it for the long haul. A vow renewal give you guys that extra strength needed to continue
tackling the highs, as well as the lows. Mr. Greg and Mrs. Bobbie Mirowski celebrated their 50th anniversary with a vow renewal. Greg and Bobbie celebrated their 50th anniversary more intimately by writing their own vows. Do not forget to take the opportunity to take great photos at your vow renewal. Capturing these moments will be absolutely beautiful and gives a spruce to your picture frames at home! From the time you guys first married, to the time of your vow renewal, you might have changed a lot; maybe you had some children, adopted some new pets or just plainly want to show off your new look. Capturing this new chapter in your life is worth it. Again, congratulations to the Mirowski’s for celebrating 50 beautiful years of marriage!

Wedding Vows
Parts of your wedding can be planned by your wedding coordinator but one thing that is personally not planned is your vows. Trying to express your feelings for your love ones in front of a crowd can be intimidating but is beyond beautiful for your special day. On August 5th , the Tuckers prepared their own vows, as well as brought their own arch to make their day unforgettable. Congratulations to Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Rachel Tucker for tying the knot. Whether you write your own or use our vows, it will be something your soon to be spouse will never forget.



Written by: Janice Moody